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Safe space
Do you ever wonder who can be your safe space?
A someone who not care how imperfect you are.
A someone who will not judge your past.
A someone who stay even when you are miles apart.
A someone who listen to your life rants.
A someone who laugh with you even your jokes are corny.
A someone who cares when you feel alone.
A someone who took your hand when you want to surrender.
A someone who you can look up too when nobody is around.
A someone who support you where you want to grow.
A someone who allow you to show your true self.
A someone who protect you when you lower guards.
A someone who is willing offer their shoulder when you want to outburst.
A someone who put smiles on your face even your world are full of sorrow.
Who can be my safe space?
A friend? A family? A lover?
A partner? A stranger?



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