Sometimes, someone loves us for who we are, and who we are not.

Sometimes, someone comes into our lives to help us realize that not everybody is meant to stay in it.

Sometimes, someone comes close to us to let us know who are worth keeping and who aren’t.

Sometimes, that someone would fall out of love, and would run out of reasons to love us.

And that’s okay.

Because sometimes, someone enters our lives and promises to stay.

And he will.

Sometimes, someone is going to break our hearts in pieces.

It’s going to be so painful.

But that’s okay.

Because sometimes, someone helps us mend the shattered pieces and pastes them back together again.

We would then feel brand new.

Sadly, sometimes, that someone wouldn’t come and help us.

So we try to survive alone.

But it’s okay.

Everything’s going to be fine.

Because sometimes, we become that someone to someone else.

Sometimes, that someone is no one but us all along.