I’m sorry for everything
I’m sorry for not being that person
I’m sorry for thinking there is something
I’m sorry for being a foolish person

The memories that we have created
All of it will not be wasted
For it’s something that I will always cherish
Until the day that I perish

I promise to never bother you again
Even if it will give me great pain
When the day comes that you miss me
With all my heart, I’ll be happy

You can be a bridesmaid but not the bride
For a long time, I’m always by your side
But you chose the one that treats you like trash
All I just want is to give you a life that you can have pride

Now that someone accepted me for who I am
You want me back, for you have realize what you have lost
I’m not sorry for leaving you and now you’re at loss
You’re sorry to all what you did, I’m not sorry to what is now us