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Taken for Granted. When we hear these words, we start thinking of people who never saw our worth. We start going through the times when we felt betrayed, neglected and unvalued. But have you ever stopped and thought that maybe.. at some point, we were the ones who took people for granted?

The thoughts in my head have been overewhelmingly loud; I tend to be deaf to those around me – to my own reality. I have been busy seeking for people, hobbies, and everything that could possibly bring comfort. I was so focused on planning my escape that I ended up turning a blind eye on the people who have been with me. I was so desperate trying to find what I think was the cure – I did not realise I was burying myself deeper down the pit that has been torturing me. One night, I was drowning with my own negative thoughts and prayed so hard for God to send me help and He did! That night proved me two things: God hears my prayers and I was not alone… I was never alone. I have always been surrounded by my family and friends.

Family. Most times, I have been too tired from the things that I do outside of my family. I always end up giving all of me outside of my own home that those inside my home, my core, get the last bit of me. The version of me who’s hanging by a thread. The me who is always tired. The me who was always cranky. I always see them but I fail to acknowledge them. They have always been there but I have been so used to their presence that I forgot about their beauty and their warmth. I was so caught up with the thought that I was not okay, building that little bubble of self pity that I totally forgot about this special place – my family, my home. The place that brings me joy, a love so unconditional and the support I have been denying I needed.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Friends. My closest ones. My core. Our relationships have been tested through the years and I know when all else fails, I have you to run to. Please know that I am also that safe place you can run to.

They have always been there. I have been at my lowest, but I heard nothing from these people but a reminder of who I am. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for giving me the time to breathe. Thank you for letting me be me – no pretentions, no judgements, and no pressure. I love you with all my heart. You have seen my worst and, you seeing behind my fears, behind all the tears, never failed to remind me of my worth. Thank you for crying with me and sharing my victories with me.

My battles have gotten the best of me and I lost sight of you who have been supporting and loving me. I have taken you for granted. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.

I was never the expressive type. I cannot verbally express how I feel but I will keep trying to make you feel how grateful I am.

I’ll keep thriving for those who believe and never stopped supporting.

You guys are my Philippians 1:3.

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Hi there! Iā€™m usually not vocal and not very expressive so I guess this is an attempt to let myself be vulnerable without feeling overwhelmingly exposed. I only write to express so pardon me if most pieces are not written very well. Thanks in advance for reading through my thoughts. šŸ’•