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You were the 50/50 person.

You made me feel like no one could harm me whenever I was around you. You also made me feel unsafe with just your presence. You were the guy that I trust everything to. You were also the guy that I regret trusting anything to. You were the guy that made me change my viewpoint around guys, generally. You were also the guy that made me rethink how guys see girls. You filled my last year with contempt and beauty in all sorts. You also destroyed my last year as you filled it with drama and complete utter awkwardness.

You gave me butterflies in my stomach, and you were a pain in the ass. You encourage me to stay true to who I am, and you downgraded me to be yours. You make me feel different in a lot of sorts. You disgust me, and yet, you still manage to steal my heart. You made me feel like I was worth it, and you also made me feel like I was worthless.

You listened and cared for me in my darkest days, and you walked out on me in the days I needed you. You were sweet to me, and you were also mean to me. You never blocked me online, and yet you pretend that I was never in your life. You say that you love me, yet you just want to be physical with me. The feelings I have for you made me confused about what you want in what could have been our relationship. It made me think of what we could have been. You were the best and worst person for me.

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And all of this, still makes me hope that one day when we meet again, we can go back from the start. We can be friends again. We can rebuild what we have lost. We can be finally the same people that we were before any of this romance ever started. Maybe, it was just the wrong time to be with you. And for now, I guess we have to stay as strangers who pretend that we never knew each other.

Both of us will get through life, and I hope both of us will meet again.

Stay safe, 50/50 person. I’m gonna be here.

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