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Dear You,

Hi! It’s been a year since I last saw you. I know that it may nothing to you but it meant a lot to me. Well to tell you honestly, I miss you. It’s funny how I am missing someone who I rarely talk to. Someone who never notice how excited I am whenever he is around. Someone that makes me smile when we accidentally bump into each other. Someone that caught my attention whenever he speaks even he never notice that I listen in every single word he says. This might be an obsession. But how can I ignore these little thoughts?  My mind says that I should stop but in the other side it also tells for that uncertain possibilities. Why do I always find myself drowning in the idea that we might actually felt the same way. Where is those little signs coming from? Is it from the awkwardness between us? Is it in the way you look me in the eyes? Is it about those coincidence that we both love the sadness, the music, the rain, the poems,  the coffee and everything that leads me to a conclusion that we’re a perfect match? Why do I always find myself coming back to those little ideas, and keep on building this stories inside my mind? With those little things, why do I need to miss you this much? Can you give me some clue? Something that will clear my mind. Something that will lead the path of my heart where it really belongs to. 

I would like to open this letter to you rather than keeping this on my pocket. Rather than keeping you in my heart without your knowing. But I wonder how would you feel. Will you feel flattered? Will you be surprised? Or maybe, you may be happy? Cause maybe you may just be waiting for me too. I kept on wondering, when will my maybe’s will come into reality? When will you come to read and open this letter with me?

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– Miss A

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