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I know you feel inferior to others right now. You are full of doubts and overthinking. You have a lot of dreams in mind, and you really want to work hard, but you feel overwhelmed by the pressure from the people around you. You began to worry about what would happen if you failed to meet their expectations, if you were rejected. Every negative thought is circulating in your mind right now. You don’t want to see their smiles fading because of disappointment. But I just want to let you know that you have your own life and control over it. You have the power to rule your mind and make choices. Don’t kill yourself just because of what other people want for you; surely, at a certain point, you will explode.

You can listen to their opinions and advice, but don’t let them make decisions for you. If you can’t do things that they want you to do, just say “no,” and it doesn’t matter how they feel about it. You are human too, and they should acknowledge that. Just keep pursuing things that make you happy and make you feel alive, plus don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you will grow and learn from them. Know your worth, because if you know your worth, you know that you are the boss of your life. No one will take you for granted because you won’t let yourself be controlled by other people’s choices for your life but rather will take a stand. You become unstoppable when you keep improving and do not let other people’s opinions affect you. You will be rejected by many because of your beliefs and choices, but know that as long as you find your purpose in doing things, keep going. Your life is not theirs.

It’s not about being cold-hearted to others, but I just want a reminder that sometimes in our lives we feel sad not because of our choices but because of the pressures we feel in our environment. It’s just a reminder to choose which voices to listen to and to set boundaries with those who keep putting you in a place of sadness. It’s not bad to make a wall and filter the people you let yourself listen to. It’s also power because you have the courage to make them believe that you know who you are, what you want, and are old enough to understand what is truly important in your life. what you want to live for. Your dreams, passions, and goals will eventually make sense again because you know that you’re doing them because you want them. It will not go in vain. It will surely be difficult; there will be some troubles, trials, and tests along the way, but keep holding on to those things that make you happy and inspire you to love more. You will get tired, but you won’t give up if you know that you’re not being pressured and that you wholeheartedly want to pursue it. Make your life meaningful by following your dreams, and purpose will follow.

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