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I came and I first saw a tree with blooming leaves. Kissed by the sun, blessed by the water and hums with the wind.
At days you can see her dance as the wind blows. There were also days where the rain stormed and her leaves trembled.
Oh how amazing and resilient this tree is I thought.

As the other tree’s around her withered and disappeared. She stood there strong. She bloomed independently and grew strong on her own.
One day a flower sprouted near her roots. As the other trees were gone, she cared for this particular flower a ton. As days passed by she sheltered
the flower with her leaves, nourished the flower with her roots and protected the flower with herself as her leaves flew away from her as the harsh wind blew. One day the flower disappeared.

The next day autumn came. As her leaves fell, so do her tears. She wept for the flower that disappeared from her sight. As the autumn season begins she felt herself becoming more miserable and miserable. Her leaves start to fall in huge waves, until no leaves came to touch the floor no more. Her tears have dried up, autumn has taken its toll. Even as she lost what seems like to be her everything, she decides to keep growing.

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The next day autumn ended. Her leaves start to grow back, as autumn ended she shed all her sadness away. The tree realizes nothing has really changed, The sun still loves her as always, The water flows freely within her and the wind still hums to the tune of her voice. The flower that once grew near her roots are gone but, everything was still the same. Her flowers started sprouting, as her own flowers fell it created new flowers joining her near her roots. Now she is accompanied by friends, she is not alone anymore. She realizes as autumn ends that spring has come and blessed a new cycle. Fallen blossoms don’t return to the tree branches, a broken mirror cannot be made to shine. She continues forward as spring starts hoping that it brings a happy cycle.

The warmth of spring. The embrace of the sun and sweet smelling air. To the tree that stood strong independently this felt like a refreshing welcoming to a new stage in her life. Do not be sad little tree the gardener says. For you have grown in my garden, you become strong. The hardships you have faced until now are my challenges to make you a better tree. A tree who handles hurricane winds, Suffocating waters and the scorching light. You can overcome any challenge, the gardener says. The gardener bids farewell and watches you through his window. The tree realizes that she will always be loved by God no matter what happens.

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