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The world has its view on things. Beauty is defined as those having the curves at the right places, pointed nose, poreless face, flawless and porcelain white skin, tall, feminine, stylish… and the list goes on.

We try to fit in into the world’s standard of beauty. Isn’t it true? We spend money on buying beauty products, using those endorsed by celebrities and influencers, wearing trendy clothes and shoes. Buy why are we doing this? To look good, maybe? Or to keep up?

There is nothing wrong with doing such if it means for the betterment of ourselves. But, we should not leave our identity in the process. The danger to blending in and coping up is that as we tried to fit in, our values and principles are compromised. When we say compromised, we aren’t doing anymore the way we used to, the things we hold onto like gold and these are our values.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

When you lose yourself in the process, then STOP doing it. When you seek validation from others, then that is not WORTH doing. Because, when you know your worth, especially in Christ, you would still better yourself, but won’t lose your heart.👸

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