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We are in the midst of a worldwide crisis when we cross each other online. It was just a usual chat that turned into something I never expected. I got attached easily. I thought it was just a one-time meet-up, but it was followed by more. Even though our life’s perspective and personality don’t match each other, you allow me to enter a part of your world. It seems that we’ve known each other for a long time because in a snap we vibe.

Art really connects us, both emotionally and physically. I feel art as you do. We transfer our pains and emotions into our skin, in blank canvases, through lenses and even in words. It is our way to express those unheard and untold stories that hide behind us. We shared our life stories, the good and the bad ones. We don’t judge each other because we both know that it was just part of ourselves. We understand each other’s complexity because it is who and what we are. Our connections were not the usual, but I think it both worked for us. We know each other’s place in our life, but as time passes by, I fall, so hard. I don’t have any plans of having deeper feelings with you, but I can’t stop it. My world revolves around you for years and I have always been craving for you each day. The way your hug has recharged me every time I feel so empty is heavenly. Every word you throw at me made me stronger and wiser. I like it when you are trying to mentor me just to give directions in my indecisive life. I appreciate you more than you know. You were there when I was at my lowest, comforting me in the way you know.

Marilyn Monroe says, “Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.” You are one of my beautiful disasters. Loving you is not hard, but it’s painful. Everything we had feels so real and I will never ever forget it. I feel loved even though it has been just a bare minimum. There are a lot of things I ignore just to be with you because maybe you are sent to teach me my worth.

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