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This princess will wait for her Father in Heaven —the King of all kings —to give her the man He had prepared for her.

This princess will not settle for less while she’s waiting, she will not lower her standards.

This princess will not let the world shake her conviction. She knows what she stands for and she will fight for it no matter what.

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This princess knows that she does not need a commoner. She does not need a man who will take away her crown, but a man who will protect that crown.

This princess is not trapped inside a castle, she is no damsel in distress. She is not waiting to be saved by a knight in shining armour. She is a warrior.

This princess is secured. She knows that the King loves her unconditionally and that He has a great plan.

This princess will not sulk. She knows that the King has His perfect time.

This princess will choose to grow and learn while waiting. She will strive to become her best. She will let the King mold her to be the princess He wants her to be.

This princess will not grow impatient. She had been waiting her whole life.

Even if it becomes hard, she will wait.

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