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To the girl who loves my ex after me:

It was an heartbreak at first. Seeing you with him made me at my worst me.
I talked about you with my friends. I even rant so much of you which enough reason to be hated by my friends.

I was so arrogant back then, or maybe until now. I was so arrogant and keeping myself that Im much more of you. That one day my ex will regret what he did to me. That one day he will beg for my forgiveness and asked for a second chance. But i was wrong. I was wrong all along!

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I admit, it’s been a months since we broke up and I can say that i totally move on. I barely think of the past but no sign of heartache. After I came from office, i was in my room. I intended to stalk him and you. Actually, more of you. I try to search those person who involved with your life, until i went to your website.

Wow! I was amazed, you really have a website for your blog. Tsk tsk. I envy you a little, which i hope i can be that oneday. And i saw your latest blog for my ex.

I was curious, seeing him again and how i saw his smile. I was really curious. I red your message for him. It was touching story, how you two met, how he pursued you how you feel he’s the one. I thought I’m gona cry because of what i saw but guess what? I smiled.

Even i myself, I was confused but I just realized how happy my ex with you. How he is blessed with a woman with faith. How he made you like this. And i realized that I think its really the time. Time to let go and to be thankful for what happened from the past.

I also questioned myself, that can i do that things for him? Can i surprised him the way you did? That can i make a super duper effort music video of our special moments? I honestly say that I cannot.

You made him so happy. You made him the man of what many girls want. I hope you’ll continue that for him . Love him enough that he will never think to leave you nor hurt you. Fight with his battle, I know i never did that to him or if ever I did maybe its not enough for him to stay.

Thank for this kind of realization. I was so happy for the both of you. And genuinely wish that you two end up together.

Until we meet our paths again.

– Her Ex

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