Promising that I will not hurt you and never leave you again.

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When we first met
I saw beauty in your eyes
Kindness in your heart
Energy and life within you
And a smile that never fades.

As I got to know you
We sat and talked for hours
Sharing stories, hopes, and dreams
And with each passing moment
My feelings grew stronger for you.

Our conversations flew by
And eating with you was the best
But when we took our first photo
I felt too shy to show my face
And covered it with my hands.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Behind your smile I sensed a sorrow
As your body fought with pain and discomfort
But you still chose to fight
With a cheerful personality that shone through.

One time, I had the chance to stand with you
In front of friends and strangers
But my body was shaking, and my legs
 Threatened to run and hide that no one can see

As the night passed
I wondered why I did it
Perhaps I was afraid of commitment
Or maybe just an idiot like the rest
But I know I hurt you, and that’s what mattered.

 Days later, we became strangers
The distance between us felt vast
I ran away from you, not knowing your thoughts
And I don’t know how you handled it.

 Years later, we met again
Greeting each other in peace
Sharing stories of our lives
And playing games till the sunrise
I saw the happiness in your smile again.

This time, I won’t run away
I’ll be brave and more than enough
Taking this chance to be with you
And promising to never hurt you again
Or leave you behind like I did before.

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