Young ladies, I’m so proud of your progress. You’ve grown up and you’re now more mature.

T’was a wonderful journey that makes you who you are today. It was your experience and a lesson of life that makes you bold and I know little by little you’re getting to know your priorities, responsibilities and of what is really important and what is not.

You are no longer allowing the world to define you and you’re now trading your flaws and insecurities with His grace. I can say that you’re now standing firm in a strong foundation and that makes you more beautiful.

Right now, you’re in a season of midwinter where the night is long, but take heart because you know that it will end soon. Though it will take so long, there is coming dawn and soon you’re going to experience pure bliss. Remember that pure gold is destined to put in the fire so that it will come out to be proved pure, just like your heart and your faith will put it to test. But knowing that after the test comes to a beautiful story.

Ladies, don’t get rushed. Sometimes magical moments happen in an unknown place. You may not see what is in front of you but stay calm, knowing your creator will not leave you and disappoint you. Don’t be pressured to conform to the trend of the world. Remember that you are reserved for greater things. Keep being faithful, for at the proper time your longest night will be over and soon you will reap what you’ve been hoping for.

I know you are tempted to manipulate things which are to choose what you want over His plans and longing to experience the feeling of what we call “butterflies in the stomach” and all the romantic excitement and experience you can name.

But remember young ladies, the test of faithfulness comes in the test of time–mostly in a moment of choice. There are several times you ask yourself and doubting if you can pass this season. if you can rejoice and even find joy in a barren land, if you can find contentment in the wilderness and if you will continue and hold on to the promise even when there’s no harvest in the seed you planted.

I know fear started to feed your mind to quit and just settle, but remember your reason why you set your heart to be faithful in the unknown land no matter what the cost. Remember that you are Ruth in this modern world. you don’t need to prove yourself to Boaz that you are one of a kind. You need not make an effort for your beauty to be noticed or even make way to cross your path. You are a woman who breaks the usual, in a world where everyone wants things to get in an easy way and instantly.

I’ll tell you, Ruth, there’s a treasure stored in a secret place. You don’t need to work for an extraordinary love story because it is meant for you. Boaz will notice you in the place of your faithfulness, He will see your beauty in the place of your contentment, and he will go to pursue your maker and get his blessing to be with you because he knows that your heart is in the hands of the Lord. Ladies, your heart can rest now because it is secured, he will sustain you in every season you’re going through, so fear not and continue to guard it well until the time you will meet him and asks for your heart.

and when that time is coming when you will give your yes and I do to Boaz, you will know for sure that love doesn’t miss a thing and it was God who always worked in the unseen. Then you will realize that your efforts are not in vain.