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Dear God’s best,


Our first meet was never like of those in the movies,

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

not matched up with background songs nor slow motion effects.

Who would have thought that in over billion people in the world, in different places and time– we would come here.

No one knows but God, our Maker.

He who planned our meeting and brought us together.


I thank you for being real,

not just in 3D version but as who God created you to be.

You are a man of valor with a heart that is after God’s.


Right at first, for clearly stating your intention, I am so much impressed.

For waiting over me until I finish my meal is one of the sweetest.

And  I thank you for you mean what you say and you do what you mean.

For your kind and affirming words, I do appreciate.

I am simply blessed by you for just letting me to be a woman.


It is very natural but special when we are together.

Every moment I have with you is deeply treasured.

You are there to protect me emotionally and physically.

And you are of help in my walk with God.


(And you know, what?!!)

You got me with your smile but you best had me with your beautiful heart.

I admire your love for God, for His people, and for your family.


Please remember that I will always be your best friend.

By your side to laugh and cry with you,

to explore places, to grow and learn with you.

Side by side, we will serve and glorify God.


Let me be just your partner,

your helper with the vision God has given you

and perhaps, your warm embrace in wins and losses.



The owner of your missing rib

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