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I know you’ve already been through a lot of heartaches. People walk into your life, promise not to leave, but eventually, they did, and it burned holes in your heart.

Your guard is up. You find it hard to trust this time. You say, “never again will I follow my heart”. But in your eyes, it is evident, that behind the tough facade is a soul that longs for intimacy.

I know, you haven’t really lost all your faith in people. You’ve just learned to burn bridges and build walls around – to protect your heart.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Dearest, the weak one will think it’s a waste of time to climb the walls that you’ve built, but the right man will understand.

He will understand that you’ve been through a lot of pain and still needs to go under the healing process. He will desperately pray every night and ask your hand from God. He will ask strength and endurance to slowly and patiently remove each brick of the walls you’ve built.

Dearest woman, you deserve a man who knows his priorities. A man who can lead himself and his family.
A man who makes time to know how you laugh when no one’s around, how you snore when you’re asleep, how you cry over little things, how you look underneath your makeup, how you think deeply at night, how quirky you could get.
A man who will not just shower you with his flowery words and clingy gestures but will caress you by sending prayers unto heaven each night, thanking God of your existence. A man who is sure of you.

Dear woman, please never settle for less.

Not everyone who knocks deserves a seat in your heart.

There’s uncontainable love that’s bursting out from the insides of your heart.

Preserve it. Preserve it by prayer and by His promise, reminding you that everything happens in His perfect time.

One day, what you’ve been praying for will finally arrive. When your heart and mind are all set, and you’ve completely turned out to be the woman whom God wants you to be.
And there you are again, unleashing the love to someone who deserves it. Dearest woman, I tell you, it is all worth the wait.

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