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Dear Future Husband,

Days passed by so quickly! It has been a year since I wrote an open letter to you. How I wish you had read it!

For a year of waiting for you, prayer is my constant companion. Sometimes, I dream of praying and serving with you. I long to see how eager you are in getting to know the woman whom God prepares for you. There are fears in my heart – that you might not accept me and that I am not the one for you, but the amazing love story of Hosea and Gomer reminds me that it is the Lord who will give you the love and commitment that is intended for me. And that, I am sure that we can serve the Lord more, and we can glorify Him better when we come together as one.

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My heart’s contentment is found in the Lord alone. But I guess, having someone like you will be a great blessing from above as we will surely fulfill His desires for us.

I know in my heart that you are eager to meet me. So am I. I am not sure how long we will be waiting, but that will teach us patience. Waiting will lead us to run to God for assurance that someday, in His perfect time, we will see each other face to face.

I can’t wait to listen to your stories about Him and about your “waiting.” I can’t wait to know how you want us to serve Him together. I can’t wait to know who you are! But as for now, all we can do is to pray for one another. I hope that you keep me in your prayers the way that I keep you in mine.

Till then, my heart is solely reserve for you. I am asking the Lord to guard and keep it. So,when the time comes that you will meet me, you will be thankful for the Lord set me apart for you!

Your Future Wife,




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