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I’m not as tall as the other guys, but I’ll make sure I can kiss you on your forehead as often as you want.

My skin has blemishes, but I’m trying my best to maintain proper hygiene. I hope that counts for something.

I’m not as handsome as those leading men that you see in movies, but I’m funny.  I hope funny is okay with you.

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I’m not that strong. But I can open a bottle of ketchup when we eat fries during movie nights.

I don’t have a well toned body. But I try to keep myself healthy by excercise and other activities like hiking.

Because I know that I have to take care of myself in order to take care of you too.

Going to the gym with you would be a great option though.

My eyes aren’t very sharp, but I promise that my eyes will always appreciate and look at you.

I’m not always good with words and I may not always have the answers or words to cheer you up, but my ears will always be ready to listen.

I’m not a great singer. But I’m willing to sing any song for you regardless if I hit the right notes or not. As long as you’ll be happy.

I dance when I was young. But I’m willing to still dance for you even when we’re older if that will make you smile.

I’m not sporty. But I love art. I hope you’re fine with artists.

I’m not rich. But I’m working. And I’ll work for our future family.

I don’t have properties. But I have plans and I hope you’re willing to build with me.

I don’t have a car. Well, At least not yet. But I like to walk. Walks are romantic, right? I’m fine with piggy rides too as long as you let me rest when needed.

I may not be able to give you expensive gifts every month, but I’ll be creative.

I may not be able to take you to wonderful vacations but I’m willing to pray and believe for those things with you.

We may never get the chance to eat on fancy restaurants but I can cook. I’ll cook for you.

I may not always be able to give you flowers or chocolates when you’re down but I’ll give you my time. I hope my presence during those times would make you happy or at least affirm you that I’m here for you.

I may not be able to meet all your expectations but I’ll make sure to put my best effort.

I haven’t figured everything out yet but I am and will constantly be asking God on how to properly lead you, protect you, and love you. I hope you’re okay with that even if I fail sometimes.

I still have struggles with some areas of my life. But I’ll be fighting and I will never give up. Especially if it’s about the two of us.

I’m excited to do many things with you.

To read books with you.

To play video games with you.

To drink coffee with you.

To cry with you.

To laugh with you.

To stare at you and be thankful to God because you are an extension of His grace.

To worship God with you.

To honor Him with our relationship.

And a lot of other things that I’m looking forward to do with you.

But until then, I’ll be waiting.

I’ll be praying.

I’ll be preparing.

I’ll be running towards God.

Because I know you’ll do that too.

And when the time comes, we will be infront of the altar.

At the proper time.

At the proper season.

In God’s perfect timing.

We will be one.

Because God has been preparing us both and he will surely bring us together.

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