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I pray for you. That’s the best opening statement I can come up with. Despite all the numerous things I want to say, I want to start with that. Simple and vague. Even if I don’t know you yet, I constantly pray to God that wherever you are right now, I hope that you’re living the greatest days of your life. If not, I hope that you’re surrounded with people who understands you, who will keep you grounded. I pray that all the roads you’re taking and all the choices you’re making will eventually lead you to me. Or vice versa. I just can’t wait to meet you.

But I’m not on a rush.

I don’t want to force the first day that we’ll see each other. I can take the slow way of knowing you. I want to know the kind of dishes that you like. I want to see your quirks and weirdness. I want to discover the littlest or even the most mundane things about you. I want to know you, the whole package. I am thrilled, just by the thought of having you in my life.

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I can’t wait to hear your stories. I can’t wait to be your comfort when you’re having a rough day. I can’t wait to do silly songs and dances with you. I can’t wait to see what type of movie will make you laugh or cry. I can’t wait to see your eyes sparkle while talking about the things that you’re passionate at. I can’t wait to share moments with you. Surreal and head-over-heels moments. I can’t wait to connect with your soul.

Again, I’m not on a rush.

I want you to take your time. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Explore all the possibilities and do your best, all at once. I want you to take all the time that you need to know yourself more. Right now, I want you to focus on growing as a person. I want you to work on achieving your dreams and aspirations. I want you to be out there, doing crazy adventures and collecting memories. I want you to find what makes your heart genuinely happy.

This time, I want nothing but the best for you. I may not know if you’re currently hurting or struggling, but I hope that you’re fighting through everything. I hope that you’re embracing your own season. For me, when days seem unbearable, I look up at the night sky while remembering that we are under the same stars. I know that you’re just around the corner or across the globe. Soon, you will never have to go through anything alone. I will be there. I will be by your side.

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