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There are things that I wanted you to know but I couldn’t find the right words to tell you personally. I hope this will reaches you.

To you, who I loved recently. I wanted you to know that you are loved. Not only by me but by our God who first loved us. I love you not because you are attractive, but because you are kind. You never get tired of understanding why I do unexplainable things. Why i get suddenly emotional, why i get angry at you without any reason or with just small things. You are also loving. You never fail to make me feel love. You love me unconditionally. We both promise, and I will still keep it. You’re caress always melts my heart. I always wanted to kiss you and thank you for everything you have done for me. For all of your efforts. Even if it is just a small act for others, I appreciate it. You are gentle, that also makes your heart fragile. you always think first of what you are going to tell me. Words that won’t hurt me. You always think of what would I want. Or what I don’t like, but you never tell me what is yours. I know you have something in your mind but never mind it to avoid fights and arguments. You always hug me and I also wanted to hug you back. Especially for the times you needed it. You hug me when I get jealous. You hug me when you miss me. You hug me when there is a chance for you to do so. To someone who makes my heart beats fast. I’m not the best but im doing my best to be your forever.

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