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I know you are afraid that you might lose me

I know that both of us are in the wrong time

But if you really love me, I know that you will pursue me 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You will pursue me according how God told you to do so


Don’t just show up to me and say you like me without an intention to be committed 

I hate unsure feelings, because I knew that I was sure of you 

It was also a mistake of mine to be so sure of you in the wrong time

But I am just like you, I am not ready.


Maybe we both believe that there is a right time to the both of us

But will you choose me? Will I choose you when the right time comes?

I don’t believe what is meant for me will be mine because I have no idea if you’re going to choose me

We don’t know where fate will lead us

But I guess I will find you because there are things are unsaid

I want answers before I regret


I don’t know what you are doing right now

Are you preparing or are you forgetting about me?

Since I turned you down because of your unsure feelings

But why does this matter to me? If I only wanted God’s will for me.


Please don’t knock on my heart, knock on God if you wanted me

Let him teach you on how to win my heart

And if God makes you qualified, therefore I should do my part 

Because I knew that God prepared us to be on the same page with the right heart regardless of time


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