To the man I am praying for


To the man I am praying for

At this moment we might have not met yet. you might not recognize me yet because of how messy my hair is or how I love wearing buggy clothes and sneakers and with the eyes behind the glasses. But one thing is for sure when the time is right you will recognize me because of my heart, my desires and passion.

For years and still counting I’ve been waiting for you. It is not easy and never been easy, I learn to value patience and for many times I got so tempted to compromise and unguard my heart knowing that I will just be hurt at the end if I insist on being in a relationship for the sake of just having one.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Been thru wrong decision and relationship during the past blaming myself for not guarding my heart well for you. But with God’s grace I learn how to forgive and to be hopeful that one day I will fall in love again. Indeeed all those who humble themselves to the Lord shall be renewed and now I feel so loved because God loves me first.

When the time has come and our moment will come, I might not recognize you as well because I am used on standing on my own and people just passing by on my life. But I believe with God’s discernment I can recognize you with your heart, desires, passion and percevirance. That moment I know I can put my guard down because you will be my answered prayer.


The woman who is prayer for you

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