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I miss you.

From the day I opened my eyes to this world, I know you exist.

Somewhere, somehow we will meet,

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I will know you, you will know me.

The question that lingers in my mind is that:

“How will I know that you are the one for me?”

Day by day, I grew up a little,

And my curiosity grew deeper,

Who are you? Where are you?

When I became a lady,

I met a lot of people and even mistaken some of them to be you.

I took the rollercoaster ride of knowing them, loving them, and breaking my heart.

I saw myself repeating the same odd mistakes all over again, time and again.

I still wonder, “have you forgotten about me?”

Little by little, insecurity well up inside of me,

Inch by inch, I pile stock a wall around my heart,

No one can come across,

No one can come near.

I am now in the dawning of midlife crisis,

Will you still come?

Do you really exist?

Will you recognize me?

Day by day, I pray, I hope and wish,

To meet you,

Because I need you,

Because I want to be with you now.

And even if I didn’t know who you really are,

I know deep inside this hollow heart of mine,

You are mine and I am yours,

Someday I will hold your hand,

Softly and gently, I will whisper in your ear,

“I Love you dear”

So, see you soon,

To the man, I have yet to Meet.

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