Its been 1 year and 3 months since you fixed me from being broken from 6years of pain. I love you because of being you. I love you because i know that you will be with me til the end. We love each other from being friends, buddies and partner. We plan to achieve our dreams together. We plan from having a great and happy family. We decided to commit as partner to help each other.

You take me home and proud of having me. You shouted us from being such a great partners. You help me to get through what i feared. You take me home to meet your family who welcome me warmly. I felt grateful from having you as my partner. We take distances as challenge. Your a miles a way from me but i feel you beside me. We fight, argue and misunderstood things that is smaller than the size of sands in the shore. We are still holding on what we promise to each other that don’t let circumstances affects us. God will be the center of us.

Months pass by you chose to focus on others hand. You let me cried for hours no expressions and no words from you. You let me feel the pain that i never expected. You let me eaten by my emotions and take me to depression. I learn to decide by my own and never ask God to know what to do. The pain kills me inside and no one knows what i felt. I keep my self from being a joyful person with others but deep inside i’m suffering from depression. I forgive you because you deserve to be forgiven. I thought i’m okay i thought its all done but i felt the pain sinking inside my heart. I felt sorry for my self from being like this but i know after this i will be okay.

I want you to fixed me again like what you do from our day 1. I know you can and i know we will be okay. This might be the challenge to us to be strong enough from facing Gods test. I love you more than my self even you hurt me. I love you so much even you broke me. I love you the most even you don’t know what i felt.

I am strong enough to fight for you and for us. I will be here beside even no one else will be there. I am the same woman you love since day 1. I will never leave you and i will keep you for a life time.