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I keep on reminding my self that its all done. I TRUST AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY SELF. I never love my self more than i love you. I’m suffering from so much pain that i never expected to be hurt by you. My heart keeps on beating faster and faster while my tears keep on running like a river down the mountain.

I felt stubbing multiple times by a knife from so much pain that i feel. I keep on saying that i’m okay but actually i’m not. I smiled and answering all your I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU while hurting inside. 5 days since the day that i knew you cheated on me. Its still fresh like a fish from the pond. I thought that you will never cheated on me but i’m wrong. I feel the guts instinct but i always keep on saying that i’m wrong but in the end I’m truly right. You ask me if I’m okay i answered yes i am but i lied. I know you have been realize your mistake but i know that it was never been a mistake its your choice.

Now i’m suffering from so much pain. I’m suffering from depression. I lied that i’m okay. I lied that its going to be okay. I lied that its alright. I know this is not the best place for you to know what i felt but i know this is the best. I forgive you because i love you so much. They say that i’m stupid but i know 2nd chances might be the best for you to learn from it. Even i cry every night when i’m alone. I will give you the forgiveness that you deserve. I felt too down like no one else can help me but only Lord God can help me to relieve this pain.

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