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Thank you for your patience and courage to wait for me and to lay down your intentions to me.

I have been bruised and wounded by my past. I even became “allergic” to men giving hints and sending signals when I know it is not yet my season for such relationships. Thank you for patiently waiting for me for years even when you don’t have anything to hold on to but the word of God.

As I heal from my past hurts, I focused more on self development, being independent, and growing in my relationship with God. He made me strong and firm, ready to conquer the shaky world. He secured me of my worth, that despite my emotional scars, I am worth loving. He made me dependent on Him, so that when i get tired and weary, I know where to rest and take refuge – in Him alone, for He is the only one who can fully mend my broken heart and soul.

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Now that we are here, in this season, in this stage of courtship, I want to thank you for your efforts. Thank you for the presents, the foods, the quality times, and the words of affirmation that you shower me with. Thank you for showing your concern whenever I seem to be out of my usual self. As I have told you before, sometimes we are called just to pray for a person. Thank you for answering God’s call for you to pray for me. Thank you!

It seems like everything has finally fallen into it’s place. All that I am praying for, all the characteristics, all the efforts – I can find them in you. But coming from a past full of broken relationships, I am a little hesitant.

Sorry, but I have to make you wait a little longer. I just want to make sure. I need to. I need to make sure that this is really from God, that’s why I am pursuing God more and more, because I know that when I pursue Him, He will bring the right person in front of me.

God’s first gift to Adam was Eden. What made Eden special was the presence of God. And in that place, Adam met Eve. In the same way, I hope to meet you in the garden of Eden, in the presence of God…

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