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To me, your the one that got a way.

It has come to an end, I never planned that one day id losing you. But theres nothing i can do about it goodbye my love. Its almost 7 months since he broke up with me. He Is almost perfect to me . Responsible, good looking, generous, tall and engineer. We have almost perfect relationship , no away ,no Problems . We both ok sa family. But one day he said tapusin na natin to hindi na din naman ok. Para ka nalang maloloka dahil hindi mo alam ang reason. I dont know what to say kasi no reason to broke up with me, Its ok I replied. But I know were not. Akala ko joke lang para may pag awayan lang kayo.

Bur Sometimes no matter how much we try, no matter how we want it ,no matter how long our relationship ,some stories dont have happy ending.

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Goodbye to 4years. So i guess its end here. Well go our seperate ways and hope we will see each other somewhere in the future.

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