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You’ve knocked on my door with me knowing you have someone out there you called your princess, baby, honey and so much more. I may be insane for letting you in, but what can I do? I am still in pain and I still can’t keep it in. Days have passed and still you’re keeping in touch, both we know we can’t have that much, like others have. I am frequently saying this to you “Makagaba jud ni bai”, but here I am, having all the knowledge that there’s someone out there hurting, I am still holding into something that I know I can’t hold on to. Once we made it clear to ourselves that we aren’t an item, we aren’t having something as well as I’ve said “Char2 ragyud ni”. I tried not fall with those things that you’ve shown, not to listen on your words that makes me assume that you are my own, but then again, I let this madness swallowed me perfectly. I also got a chance to asked you this “Nganung I kept on staying saimu even if I know nga option rako?”, I know that was a false move, it was an indication to you that I am starting to fall into this. I don’t know how you feel towards me, and mura pajud ka’g ugma, unpredictable and yet uncertain. We’ve shared our laughs and giggles, but I know deep within me, we will not be sharing these things for the long run, sooner or later we’ll both be back to how we supposed to act. I know this isn’t right, yet I am happy, uncertain, afraid of what might come with you, the someone elses someone.

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