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You were there when I left for Siargao. Not physically but it was better because you gave me the sanity (I needed). We talked for hours everyday. Your night was my day and mine was yours. We were talking like we’re a thing. Sometimes I get lost with your words which made me fell for you even more.

You send me songs to listen to. As well as those memes just because you find them funny. You read my rants then responds with something unrelated to shift my mood. You were sweet in your own ways. Something I really miss these past days.

I wish I could still tell you everything my mind wants to. Everything I have been to. The things I did just to keep my mind off of you. The songs I love in your playlist. Those songs you just added and what it means to me. I effin miss you, asshole.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Sarcasm has always been present in our conversations. Same as our thoughts can easily catch up with the lines thrown. We never said good night but you always make my mornings bright. Your morning messages to wake me up. A few to continue where we left off.

I can ask you all the stupid questions I can think of and you’ll come back with the same level of stupidity. Amazed when I don’t know this and that. Then you’ll start telling me things about you like I’m required to know those stuff.

You considered going to the island and live with me when I asked. Your answers were always far from what I expect. And you added saying you wanted to get away. We both know why but we never said a thing. We just kept talking until we’re on to another topic.

Days passed and you were already asking when I’ll be coming home. I told you I was planning to go home on our birthday. Thinking it will make you a happy kid instead you responded with a sad face. You wanted me home by the holidays. You sweet pea. Sometimes I really can’t imagine you being such a baby especially when you’re as tall as a palm tree. But babe I have always loved that about you.

As much as I wanted to tell you that I’m home now, I just can’t because you left me alone. You wished me a good life when you said your goodbye. It hurt so bad and all I could do was cry. It didn’t make sense, you threw everything in a snap. You didn’t even listen and just responded with some crap. Now tell me how do I get a good life when you’re already part of that thing you call life?

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