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Ano ba ang kumukulong sayo para hindi makawala sa isang maling relasyon?

I guess it’s knowing that he still wants you.

That he’s not 100% sure that he wants to let you go..and your relationship to be over.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

That he still sees you as special..

That he still longs for you.. needs you..

Whenever you see his eyes and listen to his sob story, it made you want to hug him and just be there for him..

Toxic right?


When he said “ayusin na natin ang buhay natin.”

That this time he truly needed your help..

and not just a quick fix for his lonesome world, but a temporary long term fix.

That you are his weakness.. he tried not to fall but whenever you’re  around… you know..

His words went down to your core. It deeply spoke to you.

He said he’ll be missing you.. and that how he wish you could’ve spend a night together before this happen. Just you and him..

Now, you know, he still wants and misses you..

But you also do know that he is fine without you..

That you’ll be helping him if you stay away from him..

For good…

Suddenly something  got unlocked. The door to your prison cell maybe.

Ngayon alam mo na he is a fine young man, wanting to change and be good…

And you can’t be good to him… so you have to let him be himself…

And it’s okay for you. You accept that.

And it goes the same for you too…

YouI know he is not good for you. But you kept on insisting, maybe coz you wanted to feel validated, appreciated…

If you look back, you used him to feed your ego.

Then you got a dose of your own medicine.

You can’t play with fire or you’ll get burn – as they say..


You can’t say you are totally over him.

You still think about him, dream about him…

But you are now more sure of what to do and what NOT to do…

You are more determined now…

Because now, you found the key to that so called prison cell.

And it’s you who holds the key..

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