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There was a face I haven’t yet seen
A name I haven’t heard or known
But in my prayers is a vague screen
Reflecting a heart that is after His own

All these years I’ve prayed and wait
To the veiled image the Lord impressed
Because I know there will be a date
When the promise of love will be possesed

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I prayed for that face I haven’t yet seen
But I know the kind of smile she has
A smile fearless of what future may bring
For she knows very well to Whom she trusts

I prayed for that name I haven’t known
But about one thing, this I’m sure
She cares about His love to be sown
To tell people about a love that’s pure

I prayed for that heart I haven’t yet heard beating
But I know very well how the beats sound
It beats for the lost and seeking
Pursuing them with love until they’re found

I prayed for a hand I haven’t yet touched
But I know it’s a hand that writes
About a love nothing ever can match
About a love that will conquer heights

I prayed for a voice I haven’t heard
But I know about what it speaks
About a Man who left the herd
To find that one He dearly seeks

I prayed for her long before this day
I prayed that she won’t give her love away
Until the day the curtains are unveiled
“May the Lord protect her”, this I prayed

Until one night when the moon was proud
I found a smile amongst the crowd
A smile I know so well
From the first glance, I know I could tell

The veils went down layer by layer
As the vision clears revealing the character
It’s like walking into a house alone
And suddenly knowing I was home

Never have I been more sure
And my intentions have never been more pure
This is the one I want to share the years with
To pour the overflow of the love I received

That’s when I knew right away
And the years of praying never led me astray
I know you’re the one I’m going to pursue
From the moment God unveiled you

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