We can’t be


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I thought loving you hard is enough
To have you is tough
We’re in the same place
In between us is only concise space
Yet we have our different world
But it doesn’t stop me there to unfold
To unfold and inform you how much I love you
How much I want you
How come I’ve fallen for you
Boy, I’m so into you
But you’re into someone else, my bestfriend
This can’t be this painful! Of all people why my bestfriend?
 It hurts for my part, I’m woeful!
You know what’s more painful?
Having the thought that she also loves you!
Great! Just great! The both of you feels the same way!
I should be happy for my bestfriend and for you
Right? I should be happy anyway
But the hell with that! Knowing that it’s her  kills me!
Cause I know that we can’t be
How I wish, how I wish maybe we can be
But I have to open my eyes… BABY WE CAN’T BE.

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