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What goes around, comes back around. This is the basic principle of how karma works. This means that if someone treats other people badly he will eventually be treated badly by someone else. Same thing around in relationships. When someone cheats, he’ll be cheated also in the future because his present deeds will affect his future and so he’ll reap what he sows. No one knows when but for sure it’ll happen.

It’s bewildering when our relationship turns into a shit one. Something that we can’t stand anymore because the fantasy that we’ve thought we could have for life turned into tragedy. Tragedy in the sense that we ended unhappily and we were left standing without the answers of our how’s and why’s.

We may be broken for now.  We may be the kind of person who hasn’t forgiven him of his mistakes. We may have that cold hearts after someone left us. We may be that woman who likes walking  this high wire alone every night after the heartbreak.  Bear in mind, we did our part and we did something right not to deserve this pain everyday. We did our part to make the story long but still we weren’t enough for them.  They chose the other way. How could someone so passive? How could someone so reckless of hurting a woman who truly loves him? How could someone end the story without a proper ending? How could someone feel sorry about the downfall of a woman because of his nonsense reasons? Leave all those questions. Never hold on to it because it’s over. Never feel sorry about ourselves. Show to them that it didn’t hurt so much when we say goodbye. Leave everything unsaid unspoken and pretend that we’re happy though we’re not. Never show to them that we’re weak, if we do, they’ll take advantage of it and have it as an edge to get us back and break us again. That’s pathetic, isn’t it?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We need to believe that we are happy and convince ourselves that we are. It’s kind of mind setting. If we think about the things that can genuinely make us happy as a way to change our outlook  then it’s an ideal concept.  At some point in time or another, we’ll forget that we’re just pretending. This could be a good revenge to those who hurt us. Seeing us happy without them and growing successfully alone, away from toxic people like them.  Anyway, they’ll realize that sooner and that sooner is already a regret because there’s no point of turning back. That is karma.  How pitiful for them, isn’t it?

To all the girls who are broken, stay strong. Karma is a bitch. Karma hits hard. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Whatever goes around will come back around. Take note of that. For now, build a stronger version of yourself and don’t let someone break you again. Build a stronger wall. Try to be strong. No to commitments. No to relationships. Yes to building an empire. I’ll tell you it’s good to see them regretting of their mistakes, of leaving you like a trash. I can’t wait to see you smiling genuinely.

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