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I hate small talks.

I hate saying “how are you?” when in reality, what I meant was “tell me about what happened to your day.” I hate waiting for you to ask me weird questions like “Do you believe in Aliens?” at least that questions will make me think and wonder with your answer than questions that will just bore the conversation.

There is a big difference of just talking with sharing. Sharing means telling some of your parts that you cannot verbalize with anyone. It seems hard at first but when you met someone whom you can trust, everything seems too easy.

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I hate words without actions.

I hate the word “I like you” without pursuing the person. I hate the word “I miss you” without having the guts to see the person. I hate the word “I love you” without a gesture of sweet efforts.

There is a big difference of saying the words and doing the words. Doing the words means making a verb turned into an action word. It is not all about telling the person what you meant for them, it is all about expressing to that person how he/she meant to you by letting them experience things with you.

I hate lost time.

I hate good conversations turned into shallow and boring replies. I hate waiting for “good night” and getting “sorry, I slept early” in the morning. I hate time wasted through text and chats that turned into “seen” and no reply.  I hate waiting when the truth is, I was never your priority.

There is a big difference of finding time and making time. Making time means trying your best to prioritize the time of your special someone. It is not all about searching but making the time available for the person that matters to you. You make time because you know that person is worth your busy schedule and your tiring soul.

I may hate many things in life, but one thing is for sure, I like you and I’m looking forward that you make my “I hate it” turned in “That’s what I love about you.”

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