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This Julia-Gerald-Bea issue is the talk of the town lately. Even in the office, goodness! Like every table during lunch or break time, considers this as one of the hot topics to talk about.

When asked if what team I’m in, I’d always say in a jest that I’m Team Gerald. Faced with raised eyebrows and dilated eyes and with that huge question WHY??? I just smiled and said… He is my childhood crush. Logic tells me to hate him because cheating is so sensationalized and romanticized that some regard it as normal and that it is the reality. I can’t stand people who took relationship and marriage as if it is just on a trial period and allows temptation to creep in until it leaves homes and lives wrecked and broken. The thought of a corrupt world makes me rethink if getting into a relationship would be worth it considering you will be faced with temptations and infidelity. It is terrifying to start something out of your singlehood when all your dreams speak about forever, longevity and happy ever after. Yes, they are all fairytales. But I know some testimonies that they are real and it can happen to anyone. Just wait for what God has ordained and it shall be the best.

To my childhood crush, I don’t hate you but I don’t support what you have done (given those accusations are all true). I am one of your prayer warriors hoping that you will overcome this happening in your life with HOPE. Hope to make all things new and be the better version of yourself. I saw you as the most handsome when you smile and I admire the goodness of your soul. Please be the kind of man every girl dreams. Loving, sweet, funny, responsible, and above all, faithful. The world may hate you right now, but here I am standing behind you. Praying for you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

To everyone, in a world full of negativity, be that source of light and love, even if you are alone. We are after all sinners, saved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our sins are beyond redemption but God did not judge us. He embraced us with His infinite love and grace. Let us be a channel of that love to others. Easier said than done? I know. Some of us might be experiencing the same situation as the other two hurting girls but do not allow that pain to hurt or inflict somebody. We can be very vocal with our own opinions and sentiments telling this and that but at the end of the day, let us ask ourselves.. Do we feel better after bashing and throwing shade at someone? Or are we going to be that person who understands and forgives. Choose your battle. Hoping that whatever you choose, it is for the betterment of yourself, of everyone and of our society, in general. Peace and love y’all!💚

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