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What if I’m not unique?
What if I’m like the others?
What if I’m one of them?
What if I’m a child whose afraid of the dark?
What if I’m a student who cheats on exams to bring good grades at home?
What if I’m a daughter whose loud with my friends but silent when with my family?
What if I’m a son who wanted to be a nurse but pursued Engineering because of my parent’s degree?
What if I’m homeless who steals just to make a living and survive?
What if I’m just a girl who fell in love and ended broken?
What if I’m just a boy that can’t even know how to take responsibility for being a young dad?
What if I’m a teenager who often go out with my friends just to forget for a while that my family is drifting apart?
What if I’m a wife who begs for my husband’s love, time and attention?
What if I’m a husband whose sick of hearing my wife’s nag at home and just drink alcohol with my colleagues till we are all drunk?
What if I’m a parent who sacrificed being away with my children to provide a good future for them?
What if I’m a patient who’s lying on the hospital bed patiently waiting for a donor to come?
What if I just stay on my comfort zone because I don’t think change can come in to my life?
What if I think I’m alone and no one will be able to understand what I am going through because no one bothers to help?
What if this world is really facing these things yet no one is making a move to start a change?
What if we’re running out of time doing nothing?
What if there are no what if’s?

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