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Wanting an almost-perfect love story has a price. It requires a great amount of effort — effort in waiting. It’s not a blood, sweat & tears process. Because if it is, everyone will acquire the desires of their heart in an instant. Well, aside from those who idle.

Waiting is not working. You do not have a sideline. You just wait. You don’t work things out and analyse everything. You don’t ask everyone’s opinion of who might be the best one for you. You don’t give signs to a man that you are secretly admiring at this moment. You don’t give motives to a woman you like and tell everyone that you are waiting. If you do, you don’t wait. You’re interfering. That’s why we all need to accept that the love that we want to have does not come out from our own pen, it comes from above. That means waiting simply tells us to sit and let God do the work.

Do not be scared to wait. To say no and to avoid. To cut people and to let go. Waiting is not risky. It’s beneficial. It’s beautiful. But rushing is the opposite. It leads to heartbreak. That’s the term— heartbreak. Believe me, rushing won’t satisfy you. It’ll not help you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Do not be anxious during the waiting. When you started beautiful, it’ll also end even more beautiful. Do not worry if yours is a little longer than the others, that doesn’t mean it will never come or will never be given.

Waiting does not paralyze us. It keeps us moving because we are looking forward into something. We are preparing for someone that is needed to be prepared for. If waiting doesn’t mean working, waiting does mean preparing. And preparing is not working. It is planting and not making.

When you work, it’s because you’ve already set your goal, you already have the program flow, the questions to ask, the phrases you practiced. No spontaneous moment. But when you prepare, you keep the tables clean, you make sure the food is ready, you bring out the best curtains— even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.

And sometimes, when we don’t know what’s ahead, that’s when a beautiful thing will happen.

So what if we didn’t prepare?

Or what if we already worked it out? Then the unexpected will not happen. And we’ll settle in what we expected.

It’s 2019, mediocrity won’t keep us alive.

Pay the price of the love that we want to have for our whole life. A love that is for eternal.


Until God says, “Go.”

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