As I was silently standing on the side of the road, waiting for a jeepney that can give me a ride home, I saw kinds of love that were demonstrated differently.

I saw a love that cares. Where he was carefully holding an umbrella so that she can cross the road while drinking her coffee, not worrying about the drops of rain that would fall to her.

I saw a love that cheers up. Where he happily lifted up his little girl, smiling from ear to ear as they walked down the sidewalk.

I saw a love that supports. Where they would gladly greet and accompany there friend on that side of the road despite the falling rain.

I saw a love that gives. Although I was on the other side of the road, I saw it. Where despite being busy, he could still give his time to people that can make him smile and even made an effort to walk more than thousand steps just to get there.

And lastly, I saw a love that waits. Where she was quietly watching the jeepneys pass by in front of her and knowing that they were not the one that she’s waiting for. Until such time, when it’s all good and perfect, the jeepney will stop right in front of her and assuring herself, “this is the one”.