This article is not written by a person who has already achieved her dreams. Perhaps, I may be like you. A dreamer. Hoping that one day, a miracle would come and all my dreams would come true. Honestly, it’s hard to write something like this. Aiming to motivate people, when you also feel down. So this may or may not inspire you, but at least you would know that someone can relate to you and you are never alone. *hello reader will pray for you*

So what happens when God didn’t let your dreams happen? Yes. No doubt, it’s heartbreaking especially when you carried this dream since you are a child. Do you know the feeling that it’s so big in your heart? Like, you have already planned how are you going to achieve it and you want it to happen right away. Then all of a sudden, with just one snap, everything became so impossible for you. I don’t know what your dream is but I’m pretty sure you also feel this kind of pain.

I’ve always dreamed to be a doctor. I’ve always believed it’s a God- given dream. Since I was little, in everything I do, I would always relate them to my dream. I thought at this moment, I would now be studying medicine. But nope, I’m here stuck in a job that I’m not passionate with, because of financial crisis.

Then I would ask God. “ Now what? I thought you wanted me to pursue this.”

I wanted it so bad that I would even point fingers to people who are currently studying and creating a list in mind “why these people don’t deserve it”. Then I would state, “why I deserve it”.

Please don’t compare yourself to anyone who has already arrived to their dreams. Comparison is a joy stealer. You have different paths, blessings and crosses.

Now see, cliché but if it’s God’s will, no man can shut it. Have you ever wondered why God gave you the desire and keeps shutting doors at you face? You know, God is not a genie (like genie in Aladdin).

Keep this in mind:


God doesn’t only prepare the dream but He also prepares YOU. Of course, God wouldn’t give you a promise that you are not prepared then accidentally destroy it. So what do I mean? We’ll take my dream as an example. I want to be a doctor, if I want it right away? Am I prepared? Does my character align with my dream? It’s hard to be a doctor and it requires me, EXTRA PATIENCE. Am I really that patient? Or am I just going to blow up in front of my patients. Do you want to be financially stable but not happening? Maybe God allows you to be empty-handed because He wants you to learn how to save and budget money? And more examples can be enumerated but it all boils to one.

He wants You to trust Him more than you circumstance. He wants you to praise Him even if you’re still in the hallway.

He wants to build your character because that is the real fruit of everything that you’ve been through.

Now before you become whoever you want to be, first, be the person who God wants you to be. The Christ-like kind.

When that day comes, it will be sweeter than you’ve ever expected. I’m sure when you finally have your dreams come true, it will all reflect to the glory of God. May we all use our dreams to minister to His kingdom.

The greater the suffering, the greater the blessing.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. –Romans 8:28