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While I was staring at you
My tears fell down, not because I am sad.
But because of so much happiness in my heart
Everytime I look at you, I can’t stop smiling
I can’t hide what I really feel for you.
Words are not enough, to explain how much joy you gave to me.
Words are not enough how thankful I am for your life.
I always thank God that He created someone like you.
Someone who brings color to my life.

You always say to me, you’ve already changed.
Yes people change, but don’t worry
Those changes, won’t be a reason for me to stop loving and taking care of you.
I love every piece and detail of you.

They say people will always hurt you, but find someone who is worth suffering for, then I found you.
I found that someone who is worth suffering for.

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Yes you are not perfect, you have flaws and mistakes.
But I love you and I accept you perfectly.
Because for me you are already more than enough.

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