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To my future lover,

I am not giving up the waiting for your arrival.

I’ve been anticipating your coming ever since.

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Even when i was still in the wrong relationship, the still small voice of the matchmaker foretold your existence.


You see,  I’ve been through tough times and situations because of doubt and impatience. I doubted God could give what my heart desires and became impatient with HIS plans. So I ended up doing things my way through manipulation. I’ve been stuborn and kept what doesn’t belong to me. You know what?  The author of love knew you and me was for each other. All these years He’s been preparing me to be yours.  He is so gracious that HE made a way out, so He could finally do what He had planned from the very beginning.


So this time,  up to this moment I am choosing to wait for you.

I am choosing to trust God, that He knows what He’s doing.

I am choosing to be patient on when God will finally set us up to be together.

…and know that out of the possible lovers who came along the way,  I AM CHOOSING YOU. 

For now,  you are faceless and nameless. I don’t know you yet, but my spirit has known you for you are one of God’s promises to me.


Getting my self ready for your arrival.

Excited to finally meet you.


-From your future beloved ❤

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