Bakit ka ba wala ka pang boyfriend? Mag-30 ka na ah!” baka yumaman na ako sa dami ng beses na tinanong ako nyan. BAKIT nga ba? Alam ko na sagot ko.

Some would easily say that its because im choosy or i have trust issues or i have commitment issues. 

I would partly agree with that.

I firmly believe (yes, with conviction) I just need someone who would change my mind and make me feel the need to be in a relationship or whatever it is I am missing out in such kind relationship. I was raised to be independent and I have friends that shower me with love (na walang malisya!).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m m not a skeptic, I’m actively waiting. (got that sa podcast ng BW 😆) I just want to save my full commitment to that person. Tipong walang bawian. I might sound too idealistic or too safe but I dont like to waste my time and energy on a person. I don’t like mind games, I’m too old for that!

Im not a fan of big gestures, i easily appreciate small, sweet gestures. I just want a simple and real relationship. I dont need constant communication, for me enough na yung I’ll start and end my day with that person. I also want independence, having separate lives, being a able to grow together in our respective lives and also having time for our friends and families; not the i-cant-live-without-you type of love but what i want is you-make-my-life-even-better type of love.

I also like thinking and talking, I like it when I can engage in a conversation with the other person having an open mind, ready to hear me out and also ready to give out his own opinion about serious matters such as politics or religion without disrespecting each other but I also like to talk about mundane things in life such as the latest food craze or the latest song by a k-pop group (I won’t judge). 😬

Aside from those that I have mentioned, I think what I want the most are sincerity, honesty, and faithfulness and I shall reciprocate the same without any reservations. 😁

Sana mapili to, para kada may magtanong, I’ll just send them a link! 🤪😉