To my “person” who is not only the other half of me, but the better half of me,

Hi. I know you’re out there somewhere.

Lying in my bed and looking through the window with the cool evening breeze blowing across my face, the thought of you crossed my mind. Although this is a shout to the void and I have no idea who you may be, I thought I would dedicate you this letter. I see what I hope will be you everywhere and somehow, we just haven’t crossed paths yet.

My heart is racing in anticipation.

I can’t wait to know you. I am eager to know what your laugh sounds like, what color your eyes are, and how faithfully you are living your life. I’ve tried to imagine how you would talk, the way you would look at me, or the smile that will appear on your face every time our eyes meet and it gives me hope that somewhere in this world you are waiting to find me, too.

I am so eager to know how similar our stories are. I am so eager to learn yours.

I look forward to the day we’ll meet when there will be that spark and our hearts will be bonded in love. I can’t wait to take and collect bazillion photographs of us. To make uncountable memories with you on places you’ve always wanted to go, and places you never knew existed. I can’t wait to worship with you, and to be your partner in pursuing our Father’s kingdom together. I can’t wait to be held by you— to be home.

Through every tiny event, or any huge milestone, I’ll always be right by your side. To always be spontaneous and keep that spark alive. I will be the wall you can lean on every time you feel like falling apart. To always encourage you, ignite your passions, and push you to follow your dreams, even if that means I’m put on the back burner for a bit. I will be your great listener when you simply just want to be heard. To always shoulder your burdens, ease your fears, and share in your triumphs. In times of storm, I will hold your hand and let’s face it together. I know it will not be easy going through the tides of life, but we will take turns on being strong and pick each other up. I will always be your best friend and we shall grow together.

I have been plagued by a toxic relationship before — I know what it’s like and I will not get into another one. I know what I deserve and I’m not lowering my standards for anyone anymore.

I know, if and when you read this, you’re going to say that you’re going to hold me to these things, and that’s great. I hope you do because it’s all these things and more that I’m going to do to try and show you just how much you mean the universe to me; how much i love you.

Again, to my person, I’ve been praying for you for quite a long time and I hope you’re doing the same for me.

Your Person,