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With every simple “Hi” I’m more attracted to you I can sense your scent in the spring breeze All we did was pass each other yet I was thrilled. I wished you would have turned around, a wish that I hid from you. I should be used to seeing you by now still, the visions of you are burned into my eyes. The girl who’s reflected in your eyes is prettier than the cherry blossoms. Just by watching you from afar, I was feeling so much happiness. You were always full of kindness and I even loved you when you were distant. The room feels the same as usual but the day we’ll part is getting closer. Looking back on the days here, you were always in my heart. And I guess this is goodbye to me being in love its frustrating and I hate it. But I cant just stop seeing your face. It doesn’t disappear, Why cant I stop seeing your smile? Its not fair. The blossoms along the road are starting to bloom, the day has come we’ll go our separate ways. Goodbye to me being in love, I couldn’t say it till the end That I’m so in love with you, I was so in love with you. I guess I’ll just leave it here and walk towards tomorrow. The blossoms are weeping and the petals ang fluttering down.

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