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You do not deserve me after all.

I realized after all, you were really not the one. We have all those differences. I am the ten, you were “the one.” But I was wrong, I am the one. And you were the ten. We have a lot in between before us. You were the one who let go, but I was the one who was brave enough to face that there’s something wrong.

And I love myself too much that I chose to turn my back. But not actually my heart. Because I love you, too. My heart left me because it stayed with you.

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But, excuse me, I have to take it back. I have to take care of my heart now. Because it broke into thousands of pieces, hundred times, when I let you take care of it. I let myself fall and believe that you were the one. I let myself be fooled by your “I love you.” I’ve trusted you because I know you needed depth, when it comes to love. And that’s what I let you feel. I was blind folded by your words, with nothing to see, I let you lead the way, when I thought it’s “OUR way.” Your words let me walked straight with no guides, and then, I fell. I fell deep. I fell in the middle of nowhere. Because you walked away. You let me lead my own path, blind folded. All those times, you were always in the safe zone. With boundaries to meet. And I, I break rules just to meet you at your safest. You played me. I walked away, crying. But you did not chase me. But when I realized that you were not around anymore, I removed what’s covering my eyes, and my heart. And I see it now. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw my reflection. I was grieving, and crying, and wondering where am I. I was lost. I cried myself out. Wondering where you are, or what happened when my eyes are covered. And then, I looked back. I’ve followed my trace of foot steps, just to have myself back. So now I am ready to really let go of the things I once thought I needed. Whom I thought I needed. I will be back on feet, continue slayin’ and continue living, with always, a great heart. ❤️

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