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Sometimes we wonder if there’s someone out there. Someone who will welcome our hearts without pain, without doubt, without questions and second thoughts. Someone who will finally tell us “You are my home”. Someday, our hearts will find its sanctuary and we will no longer wonder why we felt so empty. Coz someday, the answers to our prayers will unfold and revealed to us.

It may be unclear for now, coz maybe someday it will surprise you in a form of euphoria. You will find that love soon. It may not be as perfect as what others described it to be, but that love will only be for you. No one else will share that love but only you, coz you will be more than enough for that someone someday. You will no longer see yourself as an option or a backup plan only, you will no longer be a second choice or a stop along the way, but the destination. You will be loved eternally and someone will hold your hand like it’s their source of calmness and perfect bliss. You may be crying for the wrong one now, but soon, you will cry only because of joy. Someone will not ignore you and thinks your just a random someone. Someone will pray for you and will think about you in the morning and before they go to sleep. Someone will give you love letters and appreciate all of you. Someone will listen to all of your dramas, failures and struggles without judging you. That someone will be your strength instead of weakness.

And while you are waiting for your “home”, please be happy and smile now. God is preparing that someone for you. He is faithful and He will provide you with someone fitted for your soul. Do not rush in love and in life. Do not wait on someone who only sees you and talks to you when it’s convenient. Wait on someone who will free their time for you, talks to you anytime and who will not be bothered about your existence. Someone who will love your soul more than your appearance, someone who will appreciate and acknowledge your existence. Let go of the pain inside you and make room for adventures, joy and friendship. Wait. And do not complain while you were waiting. Everything has a reason. Let go of the person that only brings you confusion because you don’t know where you stand in that person’s life.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You will find your “home” soon. You will be loved and missed and be held so tightly. For now, please appreciate your life. Love and norture yourself.

Be grateful and be a fan of life. We only live once, I know that’s so cliche to hear, but isn’t it more cliche to feel miserable over and over? You deserve better. Be happy, create it. Make it happen.

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