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We all feel ignored sometimes, as if no one is there for us.For some people, this is not just a feeling, but their reality. However, others may be overthinking and fail to recognize the friends they have. Why? Because of their many experiences with being ignored, they stop believing that there’s someone who is willing to listen to them.

Being trusted doesn’t just depend on how well you keep a secret, but also on how much you care and how well you listen to the person who’s talking to you.

But sometimes, people don’t mean to ignore you. They might just be busy or you might not be their top priority. A person’s priorities depend on their interests, needs, benefits, and wants. If you’re not interesting to them, if they don’t need you, if you’re of no use to them, or if they don’t like you, then they might not open your message. It’s not that you’re being ignored, they’ve noticed you, but you’re just not a priority for them.

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Still, there are people who are willing to listen. They are the ones who understand that everyone has their own stories, and they choose to sacrifice their own time to be there for their friends when they need them. How can you tell which of your friends are like this? They’re the ones you’re thinking of right now. Why? Because you know that they’re always there for you. They’re the ones who get excited or worried every time they receive a message from you. They’re the ones who immediately open your messages when they see that it’s from you. If you don’t have anyone in mind, it doesn’t mean that no one understands you. My advice to you is that even if someone may not fully understand you, they’re still willing to listen. To them, you’re a message that’s worth opening.

Think of those people. Call them, thank them, mention them, and treat them.

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