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They say “It’s better to love and then get hurt than never love at all.” Nonetheless, we are very keen not to get hurt but are we also that keen not to fall in love? It is implied that the moment we allow ourselves to fall in love with the person is the exact time we gave them the consent to hurt us. We can never say we experienced how to be loved if we’ve never experienced getting hurt. You know this logic may go round in circles in our minds yet we can never figure out what love and hurt are all about. These are two exact opposite words yet always come together like a premium package that always caught you off guard since it’s always delivered right on your doorstep in surprise. We can never choose who we fell in love with and we can never say who can hurt us just by judging their past, cause it never defines a person.

Then,  here comes fear. Another feeling of obnoxious situation that makes love and hurt worst. It can drag your thoughts down deeper where you feel drown, breathless, and intense that you became heartless which leads you to run away from the most precious thing; love and that tragic thing; hurt. And this fear would rationally pull you away from the person you wanted the most. See how those simple-looking words turn out to be the most complicated ones. It is like relationships. It seems easy that you can consider it as just a part of your everyday routine, but it goes much deeper than that, it’s a commitment with a certain connection that binds two people. An attachment that can overcome things, may it be time, distance, and all complexity that life may offer.
At the end of the day, despite all the abstruseness we’re trying to decipher. It’s still up to us if we decide to fall in love and allow the other one to hurt us. We need not ask them not to break our trust instead, we just need to be ready if ever they decided to.

In due course, we’ll end up asking ourselves if we are ready to take the risk and if it’s a risk worth taking. We both don’t deserve the love we once had cause we are entitled to more than that. Honestly, I guess we both want the love we deserve. I understand that it’s a total waste of time to be with someone who’s not ready to be invested the way you do, and that works out with me too. Same as you are, I’m also too tired to go on bended knees for love, attention, and faithfulness. If you are asking for a 500-word essay that would justify why you are not wasting your time on me I can’t do that because a 500-word essay wouldn’t be enough, but I guess 500,000 hours spent with you would, do if you want me to, do you?

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