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If you have a woman whom you hold dear in your heart, be it your mother, your granny, your auntie, your sister, or your friend, then please think about her before you hurt another woman’s heart.

Please don’t hurt her for the sake of the woman you endear so much in your life.

Please think about your grandma before you give your romance to someone else other than your wife.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Please think about your mother before you cheat on your girl.

Please think about your auntie before you play with a lady’s affection.

Please think about your sister before you ghost that lass you met online.

Please think about your female friends before you dump that gal as your spare tyre.

They don’t deserve to get hurt as much as those women in your life.

A sin against a girl is a blasphemy against womanhood.

Hindi mo ikinagandang lalaki ang mga babaeng niloko mo.

Hindi mo ikinalakas ng dating ang mga babaeng nasipingan mo.

Hindi mo ikinatikas ang mga babaeng sinaktan mo.

Women are not objects to be considered as your collections.

It doesn’t make you much of a man whenever a woman falls for you one after another.


Let’s stop perpetuating hatred and resentment.

Be clear with your intention.

Be consistent with your words.

Be committed with your actions.

It’s only you who can start fixing yourself.

It’s not a woman’s job to make you whole.

So please, don’t seek romance until you’re no longer miserable.

Don’t seek romance until you’re no longer confused.

Don’t seek romance until you find what you really want to do in life.

Never seek romantic love until it’s so desired.

This is a plea from a guy like you.

From your fellow man.

From a brother who heard his sister jokingly mentioned about nonchalantly playing with a guy’s feelings after being abruptly left hanging by those stupid boys who once promised to treasure her affection.

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