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Sometimes a coffee is the best company for whatever we’re going through, be it a celebration, mourning, alone time or just one of our whims.

Tears sometimes fall down our eyes fighting secret battles only us know about, We often feel insecure about other’s achievement, relationship status or even how successful they are despite their age, but you know what? that’s fine. Thats fine that your are recognizing their achievement but it is not fine comparing yourself to them. Instead of comparing, Why not accept is as a challenge. Challenge in a way that you just need to work and wait for your time. Challenge your self to not focus on others life phase but focus on yours. Focus on what you CAN DO and also why not explore stuffs that you CAN’T DO. Wait for your shining glory and always make room for improvements and accept feedbacks. YOU are YOU, We are not born to impress others, we have our own time and unique traits. Appreciate wherever you currently are even though you did not plan for it, everything has its purpose. Never stop believing in yourself and always keep in mind that “IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE”. 

Engrave in your heart the word “PUHON” “ᜉᜓᜑᜒᜈ᜔” everything is beautiful in God’s perfect time.

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Same thing with relationships, It doesn’t matter how old or how long you have to wait, relationship is not a race, don’t let pressure eat you to the point that you will just grab whatever is available, Waiting time is not wasting time always remember that. Things we got so easily will slip out as fast as we got them. Dont force things, let things bloom just like how flowers bloom in the right season.


Your feelings are valid, never doubt your life phase. Don’t be too busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your potential. Trust God’s timing and let Him guide you. Ofcourse there will be times that we will fall but there’s no point of not going back up. Failure is the reason for other’s success keep that in mind.


Believe that one day you will just be sitting in the spot where you always dreamed to be drinking COFFEE with the love of your life whom you prayed for shedding TEARS of Joy while sharing the SECRETS on how you got to the place you’re in and inspiring them to believe in their self and wait for His perfect time.

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